Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little burlap petal cone on Etsy's Front Page

Hello, friends. I'm still jittery with excitement about having my little burlap petal cone pictured on Etsy's Front Page today not once but TWICE in two different features. I can't believe my good luck. Here is the picture of the little guy who has made his mommy so proud:

My shop views really spiked between 11 am today and 1pm. I am very pleased to have had the free advertising!

I've done a lot with burlap this week, but have also managed to wind several warps for lace yardage, kitchen towels and placemats. I'm really itching to get at the loom!

It is very humid in New Hampshire today and overcast. It is a good day for a swim at the pool with my boys.

Be well, Kate

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