Thursday, September 16, 2010

Autumn kitchen textiles

Hello, friends. While there are technically a few more days of summer for us, it is really starting to look and to feel like Fall here at Nutfield Weaver. It is currently 43 degrees (Farenheit) and the leaves in our marsh are starting to turn. My son, Andrew, asked me yesterday what my favorite season is, and I told him that it is Fall. How can a person not be in love with Fall in New England?

I have been spending a great deal of time with graphing paper, pencil, and (lots of) eraser to draft some new weaving motifs. Now that the lace is finished and off of the loom, I finally got to start tinkering with my designs. Let me tell you that weaving designs look a great deal different once they're woven vs. when they're on graph paper! I do have high hopes for a few of my designs, however, and am inspired to try some more after my first attempts. Here is a picture:

My favorite so far is the acorn. How 'bout you?

There is an ugly pile of paperwork next to my computer that is begging for attention. I'm stalling. It is more fun to play with yarn & write about my weaving projects, but such is life...

Be well, Kate


Jennie said...

I really like them all- especially seen together like this. Beautiful colors- fall is my favorite season too :)

Amanda Cutler said...

These are really cute!!!