Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy (early) Thanksgiving

Hello, friends. I suspect that I will not be doing a blog entry over the course of the next few days. Tomorrow our oldest turns 15 years old. He is terribly excited and has reminded us - repeatedly - that in 6 months he can start driver's training. He has requested mud pie for dessert, which also happens to be one of my favorite treats. What a smart boy. Then, on Thursday, I will be cooking a turkey and watching the New England Patriots play football in Detroit and probably drinking too much wine. I am not a Black Friday shopper. There are few things I despise more than shopping at malls. Or Walmart. I'm more of a homemade Christmas type of gal anyway, as you could probably guess.

Yesterday I ordered my first run of custom sew-in labels for my handwoven items. I am really looking forward to these. The run is small, but it is sometimes best to be conservative when trying something new. Just another tiny milestone for my emerging cottage industry.

I was tickled to have another item featured in Etsy's blog, "The Storque" again this past week. My handwoven hazelnut plaid towel found her way into this weekly feature:

Lots of weaving going on here, which is a very good thing.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Be well,
Kate ;)

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