Sunday, May 30, 2010

A blue columbine

Hello, friends. Happy Sunday. I just stepped in from working outside in the garden. The basil seedlings now have new homes and are out of their yogurt container cribs. The chipmunks have grown increasingly bold, and spent the morning trampling my fernleaf dill seedlings and eating strawberries right off of the plants. They spit out the parts that aren't ripe. How very cheeky.

Speaking of gardens, here is a lovely picture of a columbine that my husband took. He is an optical engineer and really knows his way around a camera. (I suppose I should have him take the pictures for Nutfield Weaver). This plant is doing very nicely this year. I love blue flowers. How 'bout you?

I had an inquiry about making handwoven lace padded dress hangers for baby clothes. I've done a bit of this already on a customer request basis, but I think I will go ahead and add a few of these to Nutfield. They will look just like this, only they will be sized for little ones. This actually made it to the Front Page of Etsy on Saturday morning, too. Here is a picture of the dress hanger:

Off to hang up some laundry. Have a safe holiday and be well, Kate :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

A new garter and a Friday field trip

Hello, friends. Hoping that this finds you well and looking forward to Memorial Day weekend.

My new yarn order arrived today from Webs. I selected some inspiring 8/2 cottons for fall. It will be fun to make some new items from colors like burnt sienna as the temperatures start to climb here. Weaving is nice to do in the summer - especially if you are fortunate enough to have central air conditioning on a hot day.

Yesterday I played around with a new patchwork garter. This one features a bit of blue and, of course, my favorite "birdies" fabric. Here is a picture:

My husband and I spent the morning shopping for new perennials and shrubs. We found some lovely specimens, including a "President Lincoln" peony, a rugosa rose, dianthus, and a climbing honeysuckle. We are looking forward to getting these established in our yard this weekend.

Have a safe and pleasant holiday! Be well, Kate :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The baby robins have fledged

Hello, friends. It has been a big day here outside of our front window. Here is a picture of our baby robins this morning around 7 o'clock:

And here is a picture of the nest around 9 o'clock:

I did get to see the last baby fly out of the tree. It has been such a treat to watch them this spring. I wonder if we'll have another batch of eggs? There is still a lot of summer ahead of us.

Rest assured I have not been spending my entire day at the front window watching the birds. Here is a picture of what is on the loom right now:

These towels are made with ivory/natural unmercerized cotton and a rich looking berry red. It reminds me of raspberry jam.

Off to the post office to send a garter to a bride in the West Midlands this morning.

Be well, Kate

Monday, May 24, 2010

A new garden visitor

Hello, friends. I am back from my short visit to Michigan. It was wonderful to spend time with my parents and my sister and her family.

I will be back at the loom this afternoon. The garden got my attention this morning as I worked outside before the heat hits us this afternoon. Here is who visited the yard this morning:

I may have to take action before she decides to feast on our vegetable garden.

Today I will be weaving a few more tea towels like this one this afternoon:

I will be tying on a new set of warp threads to the tail end of this warp to weave more napkins and tea towels; this is a warping shortcut that weavers take so that rethreading the heddles can be avoided. Tying 500 overhand knots is a bit tedious, but it is actually quite a time saver. This should give you some indication about how long it takes to dress a loom from start to finish!

Be well, Kate :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Robins egg blue everywhere

Hello, friends. Our third robin hatched late last week, so now we have robin baby triplets. The mommy & daddy robin are devoted parents. We have enjoyed watching the robins grow -- they are getting fuzzy, which is a good thing, because my boys thought that the freshly hatched babies were pretty "gross." Their eyes are still closed.

I added a new item to my shop: table napkins made from unmercerized cotton. I made these in a diamond twill (natural/ivory cotton and robin's egg blue). I may weave some sets in other colors (like a nice autumnal shade of orange or red). We'll see how things go. I have one set of these making their way to Italy this week already. Yea!

Today I am working on a top-secret project for my husband. It will be our 20th anniversary on Wednesday. Today's mission involves a trip to Home Depot, some research on Wikipedia, and cement. Do I have your attention?

Have a lovely day & be well, Kate :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The eggs are hatching

Hello, friends. If you saw my last blog post, you saw pictures of a robin's nest with eggs. Yesterday, in between my weaving, I was able to watch the rest of the story unfold. Here is a picture of what happened yesterday:

We haven't been able to get a peek into the nest this morning to see if the third egg has hatched, but I'll be checking off and on today.

And here is a portrait of the proud mommy robin:

Yesterday was the first time we noticed a second robin at the nest. We are guessing that this is daddy robin, who was probably visiting his hatchlings.

Isn't it wonderful?

Be well, Kate :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Robin's nest

Hello, friends. I hope all of you mothers out there had a lovely day yesterday. I was treated to a perfect day by my husband and two sons: breakfast, a quiet run at a leisurely pace, a fresh salad made from our garden thinnings, a trip to the nursery where we selected two concord grape vines which we'll trellis along the back of the house, and a lovely dinner. Being a mom is a good thing! I feel very rested and refreshed.

It has been a busy morning already. My linen ring bearer pillow found a home this weekend, as did a "little blue birdies" wedding garter. And I finished beading a rayon boucle scarf, which was a custom request. Today I will be weaving and putting together a new toss garter.

We have a new neighbor right outside our living room window. Here is a picture:

These robins eggs are lucky to have a very diligent mother who is also a very good architect. Her nest withstood some severe rains on Saturday and a stiff, gusty wind on Sunday. She is not 3 feet from the window. We are keeping our eye on her and will be waiting to see when her little ones hatch.
Be well, Kate :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pretty petal cones

Hello, friends. Can it possibly be Friday already? I have been keeping myself out of trouble by warping a super-long warp and putting together custom requests. Here is a picture of a set of petal cones that I made for a May bride. I love the ribbon colors that the bride-to-be selected. Here is a picture:

I found some fabric yesterday at my favorite quilting store and can't wait to put together a few toss garters out of it. It has -- of course -- birds and leaves on it.

The garden is coming together. Yesterday I planted mint and cilantro. Our trip out West gave me a taste for cilantro. My garlic chives have sprouted. Yea!

Be well, Kate :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back at the loom

Hello, friends. After a lovely trip to Arizona with our boys, we are now back in New Hampshire. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take Nathan & Andrew out West to see the sites. Lots of hiking -- no mules or ORVs for us!

I put my Etsy shop on hold while we were away and am now back at the loom. Yesterday I wove a very pretty rayon boucle scarf for a friend in Michigan and am in the process of beading the fringe. A pretty lengthy warp is ready to go on the loom now. This warp is slated for table napkins in diamond twill. AND I am working on petal cones and tissue holders. It is nice to be busy.

Here is my latest offering in my "Little Things" shop section. I made a set of these handwoven fabric bobby pins for myself and am pretty pleased with them. Just a splash of color -- nice for a sunny day. Here is a picture:

Time to get at that loom! It is also a very nice day outside. A good day to work in the garden.
Be well, Kate