Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weaving & weddings

Hello, friends. Hope you are having a happy Tuesday!

I am trying hard to make friends with our new Canon EOS digital camera. My husband has been using it regularly for the past several months. It has taken me a while to warm up to it. However, I have been very happy with the quality of my photographs and plan on using it for my shop photos.

Here are a few pictures from Old Home Days this past Saturday:

(me, inside The Morrison House, Londonderry, with the loom)

(standing with Heather Rojo, from the Londonderry Historical Society)

If you're interested in genealogy, be sure to visit Heather's blog, Nutfield Genealogy.

This week I am making pew cones for fall weddings and weaving more towels. Here is a picture of the finished red/natural twill towel:

That's all for now!
Be well, Kate :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Red kitchen towels and Londonderry Old Home Days

Hello, friends. I hope that you are having an enjoyable weekend. I had the privilege of doing some weaving for the Londonderry Historical Society this weekend during Londonderry, New Hampshire's "Old Home Days." A small table loom was set up in one of the front rooms of (what I think is) one of the very oldest homes in Londonderry, The Morrison House. The Londonderry Historical Society has taken great care to preserve the home, which is now filled with historical artifacts, including some pieces of "Londonderry linen." It was a real treat to meet so many new people and introduce members of the community to weaving. My husband took some pictures of the house and the demonstration area, which I will try to post soon.

For now, here is a bit of eye candy...

This cloth will be for towels and is woven in a balanced/straight twill. I love the cherry red and natural cotton colors together. I have one more towel to weave like this, and then I will tie on a new warp for another run. My towel inventory is a bit depleted (a good problem to have!), but it will be replenished soon since school begins this week!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rustic burlap petal cones and a vineyard wedding

Hello, friends. This has been another busy week at Nutfield Weaver. I am soooo excited about creating some burlap wedding accessories for an upcoming celebration that will take place at a vineyard. Can you imagine a more enchanting venue? I've been doing a fair amount of custom work this week -- fall wedding planning is in full swing! Here is a picture of a burlap petal cone with sage green accents that I put together for a flower girl:

The plaid table runner is finished! It takes a while (at least for me) to get a good rhythm going when weaving with two shuttles. In general I am a one shuttle kind of gal -- but it is good to branch out. Here is a photo of the finished runner as it is drying on our deck:

Next on the loom will be a warp for kitchen towels. I have been winding a lot of warps lately and did a count today: 6 separate warps for kitchen towels + 1 warp of mercerized cotton for more spot weave lace. Maybe this says something about my psyche, but really, I think it just means that I love my warping reel.

Let me know what you think about my latest creations!
Be well, Kate

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pretty plaid

Hello, friends.

I hope that this finds you well and enjoying your days! It is a bit humid in New Hampshire today; 'tis the season I guess.

Here is what is on the loom today:

This will eventually be a table runner. It is made from mercerized cotton weaving yarns in robins egg blue and white. Weaving is a bit slow, as I'm carrying the weft threads up the left selvedge to avoid cutting and joining yarns with each color change (a nuisance when weaving with 2 or more shuttles/colors). I'm enjoying the challenge, though.

The high humidity made for a painfully slow jog this afternoon but the forecast is looking up!
Be well, Kate ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Burlap and lavender twig sachets

Hello, friends. Burlap and I continue to get better acquainted, and today I have a new item in my shop. Here is a sneak peek:

I guess you could say that I have been bitten by the burlap bug, which to some extent is true. Actually, the sachets are a result of having too many scraps of burlap lying around after cutting out pew cones, and I really despise having to throw too much fabric away.

Here is a photograph of what is on the loom right now:

These are going to be placemats, and they are going to be for us! I can't wait to see how my brightly colored Fiestaware looks on them. It is sort of a summer-y color, being turquoise/aqua, but I am fairly certain that they will add a bit of sunshine to those wintery days that we have here in New England.

Let me know what you think of the sachets! I am thinking about making some with acorns for a decoration, too, but I have to check out my supply in the backyard before I forge ahead.

Be well, Kate

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little burlap petal cone on Etsy's Front Page

Hello, friends. I'm still jittery with excitement about having my little burlap petal cone pictured on Etsy's Front Page today not once but TWICE in two different features. I can't believe my good luck. Here is the picture of the little guy who has made his mommy so proud:

My shop views really spiked between 11 am today and 1pm. I am very pleased to have had the free advertising!

I've done a lot with burlap this week, but have also managed to wind several warps for lace yardage, kitchen towels and placemats. I'm really itching to get at the loom!

It is very humid in New Hampshire today and overcast. It is a good day for a swim at the pool with my boys.

Be well, Kate