Friday, January 7, 2011

Spruce green dishcloths & a field trip to Concord

Hello, friends. TGIF! I was treated to a morning in Concord, NH, today, where I got to shop at my favorite knitting/spinning establishment, The Elegant Ewe. Yummy yarn, new patterns, and lunch with my husband. A perfect day.

My red dishcloths, which I posted pictures of yesterday, found a new home today. Here is another set of dishcloths in spruce/pine green:

I'm winding a warp for towels in a really bright lemon yellow. I tend to go for those citrus-y, tropical colors in the winter. I'm looking forward to putting this warp on the loom (eventually) since I tend to warp the loom with neutral shades.

Have a lovely weekend, folks. Between my new knitting needles and an empty loom, I am completely prepared for any sort of winter storm that may head our way this weekend.
Be well,
Kate :)

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