Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thinking of spring while the snow flies

Hello, friends. We're getting another wicked snow storm here in New Hampshire today. How are you doing? I need to snowblow the driveway, but since it is still snowing, I figured I would make brownies for the kids, who are home again due to school cancellations, and post some new pictures here on the blog, thereby stalling the inevitable for just a few more minutes.

Try as I might, I cannot seem to leave a striped warp alone without criss-crossing it and turning it into a sort of plaid. I'm hopeless. Here is my "Spring Daffodil" towel:

and here, things are warming up even more with my "Summer Picnic" towel:

Aside from feeding the boys and weaving - both of which are time-consuming activities - I finished winding a warp today for a client in Australia. I love the colors in this warp!

Okay. Now it is time to engage and get that snowblower running before I'm pelted with sleet.
Be well,
Kate ;)

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