Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Nor'Easter

Hello, friends. So, we are getting snow. A lot of snow. We estimate about 16" of fluffy stuff on our deck right now, and it is still coming down in earnest.

Fortunately, our power is still working (for now) and so I was able to do some sewing and finish threading my loom with the lights on. Here is a picture of a new towel, which has a pretty forget-me-not blue as the weft yarn:

And I am continually working on my pictures. Here is a re-do of a bold plaid towel from this morning:

If the power does go out, I'll use that as an excuse to spend more time working on my hat, which is coming together nicely. This yarn is really great - a merino/silk blend - and is kettle dyed, so it has some slight variations in color throughout. I have a "thing" for cables:

Be warm & be well,
Kate :)

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