Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beavers and blue...

Hello, friends. While Spring is definitely several weeks away in New Hampshire, there are signs that the tide is turning. I saw the beavers swimming around on Monday in the marsh. Ingrid, our dog, saw them also and offered her customary noisy greeting.

I've been weaving robins egg blue placemats in a huck lace design this week. I had a small amount of warp leftover and so decided to weave a table square. Here it is:

Next up is another short run of placemats, and then I can finally start weaving more zigzag twill towels. My new cones of cotton have been waiting patiently to be used. I can't wait to see the purple on the loom in this pattern. And the orange. And the algiers blue...

Be well,
Kate :)

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CheekyLemur said...

Just found your blog today, I'd like to tell you that your work is beautiful.