Thursday, April 7, 2011

Plain and simple cloth

Hello, friends. I was reading in Robert LeClerc's book, Warp & Weave (the author is also a prominent loom manufacturer from Quebec) that plain weave is a true measure of a weaver's skill. When one examines plain weave (or "tabby") work, a weaver's selvedges are examined, and variations in beat and shuttle manipulation are made perfectly clear. So, I figured it was time to practice my plain weave!

Here is my latest run of plain weave. This is woven from 10/2 mercerized cotton, sett at 30 ends per inch. As a weaver, I tend not a beat very hard, so my "picks per inch" are very often not balanced with my "ends per inch." I suppose if I were to weight my beater on the loom, I may get a different result. My selvedges aren't so bad, though (selvedges are the outer edges of the cloth - weaver's don't like to see dangling threads or wobbly edges here.)

After I practiced my plain weave, I moved on to lace. This is "spot weave," one of my very favorite patterns.

I will use the lace to make little handwoven pretties. :)

Be well, Kate :)

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SisterBatik said...

Your work is simply amazing! A new fan : )