Monday, September 12, 2011

The case for keeping a tree stump

Hello, friends. September activities are ramping up. We watched our son play his first soccer game of the season on Saturday, and the boys are knee-deep in homework. The dehydrator has been whirring away steadily, and my herb garden looks so terrible that I've already sketched out plans for improvements.

My husband and my Dad took down a dead oak tree in the Fall of 2007. The tree was too close to the house to take any chances, and after a series of ice storms and high winds through the years, we have not been sorry that the tree became firewood. The stump has remained and is an occasional nuisance. Now, however, it seems that the stump will have to stay since there is a new homeowner:

Isn't he cute?

Be well,


Thistle and Rose Handweaving said...

What a wonderful little neighbor you have! He is indeed a cutie

Nutfield Weaver said...

I hope he is feasting on mosquitoes & that the herons leave him alone! :)