Monday, October 17, 2011

Hostess gift idea

Hello, friends. I had an interesting discussion with a friend on Friday afternoon. My friend inquired how business was going at Nutfield Weaver, and I replied that sales of my handwoven housewares - particularly dishtowels - were starting to pick up. I mentioned that several of my customers have told me that they intended to give my dishtowels as gifts. My friend replied that she would "NEVER" give a dishtowel as a gift. Well, I couldn't let this opinion go unanswered!

Here is an idea for a hostess or housewarming gift:

Isn't this cute? It's an easy gift to give, too. I folded one of my handwoven dishtowels into quarters lengthwise to make a "band," which I then wrapped around a jar of my homemade apple maple jam. The decorative canning label really dresses up the jar. I bought these labels from Alison's Etsy shop, "Canning Crafts." (I've purchased several sheets from Canning Crafts since our garden was so productive this year!) I tied the towel with a 36 inch length of ribbon and VOILA! Gift-giving made simple - and useful. I suppose you could even include the recipe for your jam or relish or whatever you decide to include.

See? Dishtowels can be lovely and are definitely appropriate for gifts! And have you ever met anyone who didn't like jam?

Be well,


MarthaVA said...

Why in heavens name would someone not want to give a beautiful hand woven towel as a gift???? I like your idea of wrapping a home-made jar of jam with it. Beautiful! :-)

NutfieldWeaver said...

Thank you, MarthaVA, for your kind words about the wee hostess gift. I think that my friend had trouble getting past the association of the towels & housekeeping chores. I tend to think of bread baking. :) Cheers!

Thistle and Rose Handweaving said...

Kate, Handwoven towels are the perfect gift for all kinds of occasions, at least that is what my etsy customers believe and tell me. I give towels all the time for various reasons and those that receive them assure me they use them and enjoy them. Love your idea for wrapping the jam, very cute idea. Apple Maple jam, be still my heart! I so want your recipe, maple is so yummy probably my most favorite flavor. Hope your cello concert went well and that you have a marvelous time.