Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sunny waffleweave dishcloths

Hello, friends. After weaving twelve yards of zigzag dishtowel fabric, I have mixed things up on the loom and am making some short runs of cheerful, brightly colored dishcloths. Yellow is on the loom right now!

Next up is bright orange, and possibly some teal. Cheerful colors make kitchen clean-up less of a chore, don't you think?

Be well,


SisterBatik said...

I am alwasy amazed at your weaving - you have such skill!!

Thistle and Rose Handweaving said...

Kate, love the dishclothes. Think I might need to weave some of these. What pattern are you using? 6 or 7 shaft waffle weave? Curious to know. How is your little frog friend doing? Was the window visitor the same frog that lives in your tree stump?

Nutfield Weaver said...

Hi, Martha! I used shafts 3-6 for waffles & shafts 1 & 2 for tabby selvedges. We haven't seen our very tiny frog in a few days. The big frogs live in the stump - there were 4 in there together the other day!