Saturday, October 29, 2011

Very pretty flowers in a very simple basket

Hello, friends. One of the nicest parts of my job is being able to work with brides-to-be. They are so excited about planning their weddings, take such care with the details and are in general so happy that their enthusiasm is just plain infectious. It is especially gratifying when I hear from a bride after her wedding and get to see pictures from her big day. I had the good fortune of receiving a note from one such young lady this week, and she was kind enough to send along some photographs of the flower girl baskets that I made for her wedding recently.

The beautiful arrangements were crafted by florist Kate Dawes of Queensland, Australia. The pale pinks and soft greens are so lovely (the little flower girls wore pale pink dresses). The photographer was Studio 60, also of Queensland.

It just makes you smile, doesn't it?
Be well,


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful

Elena Rosenberg (Tickled Pink Knits) said...

Oh, absolutely! The floral arrangement and your baskets are a perfect pairing!