Sunday, November 13, 2011

Newsletter launch!

Hello, friends. Nutfield Weaver celebrated her 3rd year this week. It has been hard work trying to learn the ropes of selling handmade work online, but it has had its share of rewards as well. I have been fortunate to have had the support from many people - from just about everywhere! - who value handmade work.

In an effort to market my shop and my pieces just a bit more, I have decided to start issuing a monthly email newsletter. MailChimp is the provider I have been working with, and so far the templates and help that is available online has been great! There is a little box to the right side of the blog page here if you'd like to sign up for it. (I am following all of the anti-spamming rules!)

There is a new dishtowel this week, and I am really pleased with how she turned out. The rich cranberry red is so pretty. What do you think?

Here's to a happy week for all of you.
Be well,


MarthaVA said...

That is one very pretty dish towel! :-)

Nutfield Weaver said...

Thank you! I really enjoyed weaving this fabric - it made me just a little bit sad to have to cut it off of the loom. :)