Friday, December 9, 2011

Handwoven lunchbox napkins

Hello, friends. I have been doing a lot of weaving lately (no surprise there) in addition to making some holiday gifts for family. I'd like to share some photos of some of my gift-giving projects, but since a few of my readers happen to be relatives, I think I will hold off until after December 25th!

My husband's "Secret Santa" gift exchange at work was an inspiration for a new item for Nutfield Weaver. My handwoven lunchbox napkins would be a nice gift for an officemate, don't you think? They're reasonably priced, too. Here are some photos of two that I made this week:

I've been reading up on cheesemaking. How fun does this sound? Since I've pretty much figured out how to make a good batch of yogurt, graduating to cheese seems like a natural next step. I'll let you know when (and if) I finally take the plunge and mix up some homemade chevre.

Stay warm & be well,

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