Thursday, March 31, 2011

New colorways and a tiny addition to Nutfield

Hello, friends. We are preparing for another winter storm to hit Thursday night and Friday. Power outages are threatening, which meant that I spent a lot of time sewing today in case we are powerless. The beauty of handweaving, though, is that I can weave any time!

I have a waffleweave warp on the loom and am excited to get some new kitchen textiles into my shop:

I also found a little way of using up my scraps of handwoven fabric. (I really hate throwing this stuff away - it just takes too much time and effort to end up in the trash!). So here is my "Weaver's greeting card"...

These little greeting cards might look nice with a lace fabric insert as well, don't you think?

Stay warm & be well,
Kate :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Building my brand

Hello, friends. I was tickled pink to reach a milestone sale for Nutfield Weaver this week--over 500 sales for my Etsy shop and counting!

After I stopped crowing about the number, I realized that I still have a lot of work to do to help my little venture to grow. Most of these areas have to do with "branding" my work (I've been reading, can you tell?). While I don't have the time or the finances to have a professional logo made or anything of that nature, I have decided to start small.

I'm reworking some of my photographs for my shop. Here are some examples:

With getting the zigzag towels ready for photographing in this way, I accomplish two things: I show potential buyers how their item is "packaged" (and I went for a minimalist, "eco-friendly" presentation here, even re-purposing leftover warp threads to bundle the towels); and I hope to unify the appearance of the items that are listed in my shop. Getting all of my items photographed in this way will take time, but eventually Nutfield Weaver will have a more cohesive appearance.

Aside from tweaking pictures, I'm busy with burlap and working on some new waffleweave dishcloths. Look at this festive turquoise fabric that is on the loom today:

There is always something to do!
Be well, Kate :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Burlap wedding pretties

Hello, friends. Along with handweaving kitchen textiles, I spend a lot of time designing and customizing burlap wedding accessories for brides. My little burlap business is bustling, and I thought I would share a few photographs of some of the custom items I have created recently!

A basket for a little flower girl

Pew cones for a wedding in Galway, Ireland

A ring bearer pillow for a Texas bride

Be well,
Kate ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello, friends. The loom is humming away, as is my warping reel. I've woven 10 zigzag towels so far, and am winding a warp for an additional 8. I love this pattern, although I have plans for a new design that keep niggling me. It will be another point twill variation, and if my sketches are correct, I think that it will resemble stepping stones or a brick walkway. "Stepping stone twill" has kind of a nice ring to it, eh?

Our chives made an appearance only to be buried by additional snow. My boys insist upon wearing shorts despite temperatures that dip into the 20s. I think that this is their way of demanding that winter goes away.

Be well,
Kate :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Handwoven zigzag dishtowels!

Hello, friends. I am having so much fun working on my latest run of zigzag twill kitchen towels. The purple is coming along nicely:

and so is the turquoise:

I hope to have this run of towels completed before the end of this week. Nutfield Weaver's shop "shelves" are nearly empty!

Be well, Kate :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Napperons d'ivoire

Bonjour, mon amis! Well, this is about the extent of my French, although having an international client base has made it necessary to re-learn some of my high school French basics and to make friends with online foreign language translators. I learned recently that "to weave" is "tisser" en Francais, and that "placemats" are "napperons" en Francais. These "napperons" will be making their way to France:

More zigzag towels are underway. I've finished two so far, and am working on one right now in a very exciting shade of purple. Sometimes these warps just seem to disappear when the weaver finds her rhythm. :)

I'd love to hear what you think of "les napperon!"
Merci beaucoup! Kate ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

An old gent and organized chaos

Hello, friends. I've been warping away at the loom. More zigzag towels are finally in the works! Getting the loom ready to handle 600+ fine threads is an exercise in patience, and one has to be willing to accept a certain amount of chaos. Case in point:

The threading should be finished within a day or two from now and then weaving can begin!

This afternoon, instead of messing with heddles, I spent about 15 minutes watching an old gentleman beaver. It really is amazing how big these beautiful creatures are! Old Mr. Beaver was very cooperative, and allowed me to get about 15 feet away. I was able to see him blink. His tail was most impressive. Have a look at two pictures that I got:

and here he is making his way back into the water (look for that silky, wet coat toward the center of the photo):

What a treat to have seen him. I hope to have the opportunity to see him again.

Be well,
Kate :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beavers and blue...

Hello, friends. While Spring is definitely several weeks away in New Hampshire, there are signs that the tide is turning. I saw the beavers swimming around on Monday in the marsh. Ingrid, our dog, saw them also and offered her customary noisy greeting.

I've been weaving robins egg blue placemats in a huck lace design this week. I had a small amount of warp leftover and so decided to weave a table square. Here it is:

Next up is another short run of placemats, and then I can finally start weaving more zigzag twill towels. My new cones of cotton have been waiting patiently to be used. I can't wait to see the purple on the loom in this pattern. And the orange. And the algiers blue...

Be well,
Kate :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aquamarine and turquoise

Hello, friends. Many of you know that Nutfield Weaver is a Pisces, so my birthstone is aquamarine. Maybe that is why I seem to be so drawn to this color!

Here is a wee burlap basket that I put together today (note the aqua or robin's egg blue ribbon!).

I finished weaving the turquoise bold plaid towels yesterday, and hemmed up the edges this morning:

and my first set of robin's egg blue dishcloths have found a new home and will be en route to Japan tomorrow!

Busy, busy! But this is a good thing. :)
Be well,