Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nutfield Weaver's spiffy new studio

Hello, friends. Happy New Year! My work area got a makeover for Christmas! My husband and son, Andrew, worked diligently to make some new, wonderful organizational tools for my work space. Here are some photos!

My new pegboard organizer is not just ANY pegboard organizer -- it even has a nice looking framed edge. It is practically a work of art.

Here is a close-up:

And here is the wonderful ribbon carousel that my husband and son, Andrew, designed & made together (the four post ribbon holder spins and everything and even has a sweet decorative knob on the top - with a sheep, of course).

There was actually a table underneath all of the clutter that I'd accumulated over the past year.

It is all very exciting, and I'm sure that many of you who spend time in their homes working and crafting can understand how important it is to be organized.

How lucky am I?

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and propserous 2012.
Be well,


Flyin' Bobbin said...

You ARE wonderfully lucky and blessed to have such talented, caring (and probably handsome) men in your life. I am so happy for you to get your work space done over. What a great way to start the New Year. It is an inspiration for me. May you have many hours of happy weaving this year!

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, what a lucky girl you are! Love the new studio additions, isn't nice to have such loving and talented men in your family. Love it when everything is put in it's rightful place and the studio functions as it is meant to. Congratulations on such a great work space. Happy New Year!

Nutfield Weaver said...

I AM lucky! And I seem to be working more efficiently - it is really nice to have a place for all of those odds & ends that pile up. Happy New Year, Flyin' Bobbin & Thistle Rose! ;)