Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playing with color

Hello, friends. There are a lot of fancy-schmantzy weaving/drafting software programs available for handweavers, but with college tuition looming on the horizon for two kids, this is a luxury that I cannot justify at this point in my weaving career. Like all weavers, I do like to get an idea of how color combinations might shape up before going to all of the time, effort, and expense of weaving a new fabric that might turn out (horrors!) ghastly.

What's a girl to do? Well, I do have a scanner, graphing paper, and plenty of colored pencils. Here's what I do:

a) I make a fairly accurate grid of the fabric I envision (often based on one of my popular dishtowels). Here's an example:

b) This is my master copy. I scan the copy & save it as a PDF.

c) I can print out as many copies of the master design that I would like and scribble to my heart's content!

Maybe some of my weaving friends can adapt this concept to their own needs and designs. It works for me! (And if you're lucky enough to have one of those software programs, I am insanely jealous).

Be well,

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Thistle Rose Weaving said...

We must think alike! I cannot afford to purchase a weaving program for my computer either - would much rather save my money for a much dreamed about Alpaca (but, I digress). Your idea works perfectly and I must admit I really do like the green and purple idea - very pretty.