Friday, January 27, 2012

Too much of a good thing - storage solution for weaving cones

Hello, friends. Here is a little secret: I love cones of weaving yarn. I find them to be so inspiring that I often just line them up and stare at them and think about what a fabric might look or feel like or how a certain fabric might be used.

But here's the kicker...I had so many cones of weaving yarn "stored" on the floor that the other day I took a misstep, had a cone roll under my right foot, and did a sort of weaver's skateboarding move onto my rear end. (I was half glad that no one was home at the time). Time to clean up!

Here is my solution for storing cones in a small space:

We had these easy to assemble wire mesh storage bins in a closet. (We originally purchased them to house toys and stuffed animals for our kids --and there aren't too many stuffed animals on display these days). My son, Andrew, put together 4 cubes for me and lined them up against a wall in the corner. (It is a tight space - you can see the corner of the back beam of the loom in the photo).

I am tickled pink with this simple solution. Here's why I like it:

a) this arrangement has a small footprint (30" long x 15" deep x 30" tall).
b) I can see the cones that I've got due to the wire mesh.
c) It houses 60 (SIXTY!) cones of yarn.

It is probably pretty affordable, too, although we bought these gizmos so long ago that I am hesitant to estimate a price.

I hope that my fiber friends will share their storage solutions, too! What works for you?
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Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Good storage idea using the wire cube bins, I was surprised how many cones the bins hold. Isn't it nice when we can use something we already own and recycle it into something useful.

You asked what others use for yarn storage, I have an large oak bookcase that has followed me around for the last 20 years. Turned on it's side I can cram a ton of coned yarn into the thing. For some reason the bookcase holds way more turned on it's side than it does standing upright and if you didn't know it was sideways you would never guess. What is funny about this bookcase is that I bought it to last until we got something better - it was only supposed to last at the most 2 years. This bookcase has followed us all over the world and back again for the last 24 years- guess it is safe to say it will be in my weaving studio permanately.