Saturday, February 25, 2012

Handwoven lace jewelry

Hello, friends. We have a windy day in our little corner of New Hampshire today. Let's hope that the limbs stay on the trees and that the lights remain lit!

I have been experimenting with some new items for Nutfield Weaver. I have often thought about offering wearable pieces made from handwoven fabric. While I enjoy scarves and cowls, I really think that handwoven lace lends itself well to jewelry. The cloth has a lovely, delicate texture and is not overly distracting. After scouring the internet and various supply sellers and trying to learn about the terminology necessary to hold a conversation about jewelry making, I did find some "findings" ("settings," maybe? I'm still not sure) that work out nicely with my fabric.

Here is my first set of spot weave lace earrings that I made this weekend:

There is also a brooch in the works made from huck lace, but she is not quite finished. I think that any sort of lace, or even a miniature overshot design, would make a smashing brooch. What do you think?

Happy February, all.
Be well,


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Very pretty Kate. You are correct a small overshot design would look very nice as a brooch. Looking forward to seeing you come up with.

MarthaVA said...

Great idea!!!!

Jenny K. said...

Looks beautiful. I Love it