Saturday, February 4, 2012

New farmhouse plaid table runner

Hello, friends. The loom has been dressed for some Nutfield Weaver custom table runner requests this week. Yesterday I cut off runners made from a lovely, nutty/adobe brown & unbleached cottons. I'm really pleased with how the colors married each other in the plaid:

While making this particular piece I had a warp thread that was very uncooperative. The best part of this happy accident was the way that I weighted the new thread that was not part of the original warp: a HEMOSTAT!
Yes, a hemostat, just like the surgeons use. Not being a surgeon, my hemostats are part of my flyfishing toolkit. Here's a picture of hemostats, in case you're not familiar:

The little teeth grab the yarn and the weight of the device seems to be perfect for up to 2 strands of 5/2 mercerized cotton that need to be draped over the back beam of the loom. I much prefer the hemostats to an old film canister stuffed with pennies or wingnuts.

Have a most lovely day. I'll be watching the New England Patriots tomorrow - they have a quarterback who made an highly intelligent choice about where to attend college.
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