Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weaving on Wednesday

Hello, friends. Freezing rain here today! It is a good day to weave, to sew, and to type away on my blog.

I've been making custom table runners lately and have enjoyed every moment of it. All of the runners have been designed around my farmhouse plaid pattern. I've been tweaking the dimensions as necessary to accomodate the sizes of various tabletops. Here are a few photos:

This moss stone green and ivory runner is 8 feet long and features 4 plaid repeats.

And here is something new: this runner features 3 colors (as opposed to my usual two) and will be headed toward a table for a June rehearsal dinner celebration:

As you can see, this runner is still in the works (and with a finished dimension of 10 feet, it will be in process for a few more days).

Hope you all had a splendid Valentine's Day. We had lemon mousse tarts with fresh blueberries.

Hard to beat that!
Be well,

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Simplesmente Silvinha (Simply Silvia) said...

Beautiful work congratulation