Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fingertip towels with a hint of lace

Hello, friends. I've been doodling a lot over the last few days and put together a weaving draft for fingertip towels. I love those delicate little towels that can often be found in a powder room. So here are some preliminary photos!

This little towel features a small band of sage green along with the loom-controlled lace motif:

and this version has just a bit of lavender:

I was a bit conservative with the lace blocks in the fabric, and this was intentional. I've made some larger lace towels in the past that had floats throughout the cloth, and while very pretty, the numerous floats sometimes led to numerous snags.

These are so much fun to weave. I may have to wind a warp in some white threads, or possibly yellow.
Be well,


Judith said...

I'm a weaver in Delta, BC. Just wanted to say how much I love your work. Have you ever tried ladder hemstitching? It would look beautiful on your towels. It's quicker to do than it looks
if your are a good handstitcher which I am sure your are!

Nutfield Weaver said...

Thank you very much, Judith! I love your idea about the ladder hemstitching -- I like the look of this, too. There's a new warp (white) that's ready to tie onto the loom. (My first run of these towels was a bit of an exercise in color & measurements & definitely needs some tweaking). Happy weaving to you! May your sheds always be clean! Be well, Kate ;)

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