Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For the milking pail

Hello, friends. One of the interesting things about having Nutfield Weaver set up as an online shop is that just about anyone, from anywhere, can find my work. I had the opportunity to make some custom dishtowels recently for a customer who lives in the Western part of the US. She had already purchased a few of my dishtowels, liked them a lot, but had a special request.

She needed a generously sized towel that would dry out the large pail that needed to be washed after milking her cow. So, being a very lucky weaver, I had the opportunity to make her some custom, REALLY BIG, dishtowels.

Here is a photo of one of her milking pail towels:

I have just one more cranberry windowpane plaid dishtowel left over from the (very long) warp.

I would be willing to bet that the towel would work just as well for a pail that is used after milking a goat, too.

Sometimes I just have way too much fun doing this.
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