Thursday, May 17, 2012

Craft Fair on a Shoestring. Part 1: Bags on a Budget

Hello, friends. I am really looking forward to participating in my first public event in September as Nutfield Weaver. Getting ready for your first show can be a tad overwhelming and, when you start to think about it, potentially expensive. So, in order to keep expenditures to a minimum, I have been researching affordable options for booth set up, display, and other odds and ends. While there is little to be done about entry fees or the cost/rental of a canopy tent, I hope to find creative ways to make my first show eye-catching and fun without breaking the bank.

Shopping bags

I am not interested in buying 1000 merchandise or gift bags. I may not participate in many fairs in the future after the first one, right? And what would I do with a big stack o' bags? Here's what I did instead.

1) Purchase a package of Avery round labels in kraft paper brown, 2 1/2", item 22808. I got mine at an office supply store. They were on sale AND came with a $5 mail-in rebate. Cost: $7.50 for 225 labels.

2) Find a template on the Avery website that is designed for the size of your sticky labels. (If you're a graphic designer, all the better! Make your own!). I have limited skills in graphic design and so took the easy route. I found a template I liked, changed the text a bit, and VOILA! Nutfield Weaver labels!

3) Go to the grocery store and buy a package of brown paper lunch bags. I have 2 sizes (regular and large). Cost: about $3.00 for two packages for a total of about 150 bags.

4) Stick your labels on your bags!

The smaller sacks will work for greeting cards and Christmas ornaments, and the larger ones will work for dishtowels and mug mats. I'll probably have to purchase a few larger gift bags for table runners and scarves, but that's okay.

Granted, these are not fancy. But they are simple and functional, and that suits me just fine.

Please feel free to share your budget-friendly show ideas here!
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New Duds said...

Great idea! We use paper bags too, we pick up some at Uline and just screenprint them ourselves. Its amazing how fancy people think they are. Here is an example. You can see them in the second photo.

I have also just used a stamp when in a bind, we got a couple that say our brand name so we can stamp anything :)

Nutfield Weaver said...

Love your bags, New Duds! They look very chic! Rubber stamps are the best. I have one for mailing/return address, but an all-purpose one would be super-nifty. Happy Spring to you! :)

Plain and Joyful Living said...

What a wonderful simple idea. Thanks for sharing as we are working on our own display ideas and so on for a farmers market.