Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A nest at Nutfield Weaver

Hello, friends. I have exciting news! Our new garden visitor is going to be a mommy. There were several days last week when the nest outside of our front window was seemingly ignored by the robin who built it. Then, on Monday morning, I looked down from our upstairs window and saw two lovely blue eggs! By the end of the day there were three.

Here is a picture of mother robin sitting on her nest:

I am reluctant to pull up the glass window to get a better picture. I am afraid it might startle her, and she has enough to worry about, such as unmannerly blackbirds who have been harassing her regularly. (Father bird is on top of the situation, though, and has been chasing away unwelcome intruders).

And here is something special. The northern orioles and Eastern kingbirds made repeated visits to our pea trellis on the weekend to gather up bits of cotton yarn that was left over from the loom. Here is picture from Saturday:

Aren't they sweet? I can honestly think of no better way to use thrums!

Be well,

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