Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nutfield Weaver's new sewing pattern

Hello, friends. Interest in my Nutfield Weaver burlap rustic wedding decorations has grown and as such I have put together sewing patterns for some of the more popular pieces. I am really excited about my latest pattern, which is for the burlap pew/chair cone with tying ribbons!

There a lot of brides-to-be (and their mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, etc...) who embrace the idea of crafting for weddings. My patterns are fairly straight-forward and require only basic sewing skills and tools. I've even received news about a few "cone making bees," when moms and friends get together to make decorations for an upcoming wedding. How special is that?

And here is something special, too. Our baby robins are growing, thanks to their adoring parents' unceasing efforts to feed them. Here is how one of the little ones appeared today:

Life is sweet.

Be well,

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