Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Concord Arts Market & Londonderry Old Home Days

Hello, friends. I hope that you are having a pleasant August. Summer has sort of slipped away from me, but I have been keeping busy with custom work and my first public event at the Concord Arts Market. My first show was a real learning experience, and I am happy to have jumped in with both feet. My upcoming shows in September will hopefully be even more successful than my first show on August 4th.

The little change purses that I have been making from handwoven lace and other fabrics did well at the market in Concord. Here's a sample of one of my latest pieces:

Kitchen-y pieces, such as my dishtowels and dishcloths, also caught the attention of people strolling through the market:

I got some really interesting feedback from people who visited my tent (i.e."Did you buy the fabric for the towels and hem it?"). These sorts of questions prompted me to invest in a sign/banner to display on my canopy, and it is due to arrive this week. Pictures to follow!

On Sunday, I will one again be demonstrating handspinning at Londonderry's Old Home Days in The Morrison House. If you're in the area, I hope that you will pop in and say hello!

Be well,

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Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, you indeed have been a busy girl. How wonderful to hear of your success at the art fair. The customer comment about buying fabric to make your waffle weave towels made me chuckle. Consumer education seems to be part and parcel of selling our handwoven textiles. The new lace purse is adorable, love the little rose bud on the front. Looking forward to seeing your new sign/banner.