Friday, September 28, 2012

Wood crate tabletop display for craft shows

Hello, friends. Nutfield Weaver is participating in two more artisan shows this fall and with every event I seek to "tweak" my vending space and presentation. I really need to get my items off of the table and "up" where people might have a better chance of seeing them. Here's my latest low-cost idea.

I purchased 4 wooden crates at a local craft store for about $8 each. They measure approximately 18" x 12" x 9". I raided my husband's workshop for a length of dowel (this measured 7/16" in diameter and I cut it into 8 3/4" lengths) and some metal cup hooks. The cup hooks can screw right into the body of the crate; I'll use them for hanging towels and some other things, like a hand-held mirror or a chalkboard sign or two. The only tools needed are a ruler, for placing the cup hooks in the right places and a small saw to cut the dowel. Here's what I have so far:

I really like the cup hooks. I might even place some on the inside of some of the crates to create more hanging space on the interior of the box. And it would be spiffy to paint or to stain the crates or even stencil my shop name on the sides. But I will start with this for now. And I can pack all of my wares on the inside to tote them around. Not too bad for a $35 investment.

My "weaving vacation" officially began today. Since the wedding season has come to a bit of a slow-down, I am taking two weeks to just be with the loom. How fun is that?

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