Monday, February 27, 2012

Denim + wedding decor

Hello, friends. I've been making a fair number of burlap flower girl baskets lately for Spring weddings here in the northern hemisphere (and for Fall weddings in Australia). Many of my clients are planning events that have a rustic or nature-themed aesthetic and they are drawn to my simple designs. Today I decided to add a new piece to my small line of Nutfield Weaver wedding items:

This little sweetie was made from re-purposed denim! The need for using new materials in this item was fairly minimal (thread, interfacing, small amount of ribbon). I think that she would be a perfect accessory for the couple planning an eco-friendly wedding.

Let me know your thoughts!
Be well,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Handwoven lace jewelry

Hello, friends. We have a windy day in our little corner of New Hampshire today. Let's hope that the limbs stay on the trees and that the lights remain lit!

I have been experimenting with some new items for Nutfield Weaver. I have often thought about offering wearable pieces made from handwoven fabric. While I enjoy scarves and cowls, I really think that handwoven lace lends itself well to jewelry. The cloth has a lovely, delicate texture and is not overly distracting. After scouring the internet and various supply sellers and trying to learn about the terminology necessary to hold a conversation about jewelry making, I did find some "findings" ("settings," maybe? I'm still not sure) that work out nicely with my fabric.

Here is my first set of spot weave lace earrings that I made this weekend:

There is also a brooch in the works made from huck lace, but she is not quite finished. I think that any sort of lace, or even a miniature overshot design, would make a smashing brooch. What do you think?

Happy February, all.
Be well,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Springtime towel

Hello, friends. Spring is still 4 weeks away according to the calendar, but at 52 degrees today it sure felt like April! I hope that my crocus don't get too confused by the premature warm temperatures.

I've been tinkering with a new kitchen towel design for Nutfield Weaver. I envisioned a simple towel that would feature both my affinity for plaids and lace. Loom-controlled lace has a delightful texture and also offers visual interest to just about any cloth. (It is also very fun to weave and to watch the floats appear!)

Here is the fabric while it was on the loom:

and here is the towel after she was washed & hemmed:

Sage green always makes me think of spring.

Be well,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Woodland animal love

Hello, friends. It was a good day for woodland animal viewing at our house today. My son, Andrew, and I watched a fox dance across the ice in the marsh this morning. He had a gorgeous tail. We even watched him sit down for a bit. The fox-spotting set our dog, Ingrid, into a bit of a tizzy so we went on a long walk to help her settle down. And on our walk, we spotted a pileated woodpecker and heard him call. What a beautiful bird! (And hardworking, too). I wish I had my camera handy for photographing these creatures - ALAS!

This afternoon brought a lovely couple to our birdfeeder:

And then a chickadee joined in:

Aren't they charming? I didn't want to step too close with the camera as the cardinals are a bit skittish. Chickadees are cheeky and don't seem to be afraid of much of anything or anyone.

A good day all in all. I hope that yours was splendid.
Be well,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weaving on Wednesday

Hello, friends. Freezing rain here today! It is a good day to weave, to sew, and to type away on my blog.

I've been making custom table runners lately and have enjoyed every moment of it. All of the runners have been designed around my farmhouse plaid pattern. I've been tweaking the dimensions as necessary to accomodate the sizes of various tabletops. Here are a few photos:

This moss stone green and ivory runner is 8 feet long and features 4 plaid repeats.

And here is something new: this runner features 3 colors (as opposed to my usual two) and will be headed toward a table for a June rehearsal dinner celebration:

As you can see, this runner is still in the works (and with a finished dimension of 10 feet, it will be in process for a few more days).

Hope you all had a splendid Valentine's Day. We had lemon mousse tarts with fresh blueberries.

Hard to beat that!
Be well,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New farmhouse plaid table runner

Hello, friends. The loom has been dressed for some Nutfield Weaver custom table runner requests this week. Yesterday I cut off runners made from a lovely, nutty/adobe brown & unbleached cottons. I'm really pleased with how the colors married each other in the plaid:

While making this particular piece I had a warp thread that was very uncooperative. The best part of this happy accident was the way that I weighted the new thread that was not part of the original warp: a HEMOSTAT!
Yes, a hemostat, just like the surgeons use. Not being a surgeon, my hemostats are part of my flyfishing toolkit. Here's a picture of hemostats, in case you're not familiar:

The little teeth grab the yarn and the weight of the device seems to be perfect for up to 2 strands of 5/2 mercerized cotton that need to be draped over the back beam of the loom. I much prefer the hemostats to an old film canister stuffed with pennies or wingnuts.

Have a most lovely day. I'll be watching the New England Patriots tomorrow - they have a quarterback who made an highly intelligent choice about where to attend college.
Be well,