Monday, July 2, 2012

Adventures in purse making

Hello, friends. Happy Independence Day (almost). People here in New Hampshire love their fireworks, and most nights (and some afternoons) have been filled with banging and booming!

The kiss clasp purse frames arrived!  I had a hard time not dropping everything to work on a change/coin purse design that would feature my handwoven fabric. Here is the first one!

I had so much fun drafting the pattern. It has been a long time since I needed to use a protractor! The fabric here is an 8 shaft twill and I used a variety of jewel-tones in the warp (teal, gold, purple, etc...) and black is used in the weft. The little purse is lined with black cotton. Sewing the purse onto the frame is a bit tedious, but not wishing to smell or to deal with gloppy glue, I think that this style of clasp frame works just fine for my purposes.

Now for the hard part -- keep it or put her up for sale? Maybe my second one will find its way into my shop or at the arts market.

Be well,