Friday, February 15, 2013

Red plaid placemats

Hello, friends. I hope that you all had a pleasant Valentine's Day. We did here at our house. I made a ridiculously rich "fudgy brownie cake" and served it with dulce de leche ice cream -- a bit over the top but what the heck...

There are some placemats on the loom this week. These pieces are for a client who, like me, really enjoys red in her kitchen. The design is the same "farmhouse plaid" that I weave for table runners. Here's a peek.

I had enough warp remaining after the placemats to weave a runner, so I will be curious to see how this item shapes up as well.

Lots of doodling this week in between visits to the loom. I have plans to make some smaller pieces to take to artisan shows this Spring, including bookmarks, trivets, and jewelry. So many fabrics, so little time! I also had an interesting chat with a friend in Michigan who is interested in hemp. Never having woven with this kind of yarn, my interest has been piqued. What are your thoughts on using hemp in your work or, for that matter, wearing items made from this kind of yarn?

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