Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beach inspired

Hello, friends. While there is still about 10" of snow on the ground here in our little corner of New England, I have been thinking of warmer days ahead. I've been working out the calculations for a new, textured, solid colored towel. The first few towels will be some of the colors that remind me of our late summer day visits to Crane Beach, in Ipswich, Massachusetts: pale green, sandy beige, and pale blue. Nice colors!

The first set of green towels on the loom. I chose a simple waffleweave pattern for the overall design. I love to weave waffles. It is so fun to watch the little woven squares turn into three-dimensional "cells."

In addition to weaving and planning for the upcoming craft fair season, I have continued with my at-home crash course in improved sewing techniques. I am having a BLAST! There are some wonderful small, independent pattern designers out there! I've made several garments already - panties, bras (yes! I've made two and they're great!), pajamas for a niece, a cotton knit top, and (gasp!) a pair of French knickers and a camisole. There are more projects in the works, too! I'm a bit shy about sharing my pictures here - but, maybe. Maybe in a little while...

Here's to Spring! (Well, almost).
Be well,


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Rats! Kate, I want to see your sewing projects, especially the french knickers and cami! Looking forward to seeing your new beach inspired weaving.

Anonymous said...

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