Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Four shaft spot weave bookmarks!

Hello, friends. As promised last week, I am providing instructions for my spot weave bookmark project. I am assuming a basic level of weaving knowledge, such as how to warp a loom, in the directions. If any of the instructions are unclear, please do send any questions my way! So, here we go...

Spot weave bookmarks for a 4 shaft loom

Yarn: 5/2 mercerized cotton yarn in a solid color of your choice. (I used 5/2 mercerized cotton in ivory from Halcyon Yarn). 3 1/2 yard warp, 66 ends.

Sett: 20 ends per inch (2 per dent in a 10 dent reed).

Width in reed: about 3.5 inches

Threading/tie-up/treadling: Please see the photo below:

Weaving directions: Weave a 1"-2" tabby header using scrap yarn to help spread the warp. Leave about 1" between header and beginning of your first bookmark so that you have enough unwoven warp yarns for fringe. Weave 8 picks tabby (leave about an 18" "tail"); hemstitch in groups of 4 threads across the warp and in two groups of three threads for the last 6 threads of the warp. Make sure to bury the tail of the hemstitching into the body of the cloth. Continue to weave the spots for about 6 inches or any length that you think would be nice. Finish with 8 more picks of tabby. Hemstitch the end of the bookmark. Weave another bookmark, but be sure to leave about 2" of unwoven warp before starting your next bookmark for fringe. Continue to weave bookmarks; I got nine bookmarks out of my warp, but I have a lot of loom waste on the LeClerc Nilus II.

Finishing: Remove the bookmarks from the loom. Handwash in cool water with gentle soap. Hang to dry. Lightly press the bookmarks and then trim the fringe to desired length with a rotary cutter (I trimmed mine to 1" on each end). Finished dimensions = 2.75" wide x 8.25" long. Trim any loose ends. Admire your pretty bookmarks and give them to your friends and family!

Easy peasy! These would make really nice Mother's Day gifts, or presents for teachers or graduates, don't you think? I am partial to ivory for loom-controlled lace, as it has sort of a vintage appearance, but a sunny yellow would look charming, too.

I'd love to know if you try these out and if so, to see photos of your finished bookmarks! And, if you note any glaring errors in the draft here, please let me know that, too -- drafting patterns of any kind is rather tricky, and it is easy to let details slip. 

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Alicja said...

Thanks for sharing Kate :)

Greetings from Poland

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, lovely bookmarks!

Judy said...

What lovely bookmarks! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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