Monday, June 3, 2013

Blooms & blue

Hello, friends. We've had a heat wave here in New Hampshire - 95 degree temperatures! Our yard demanded a lot of our attention and extra watering because of the extreme heat. Here is a peek at our yard, though. I took these photos this morning, while it was still early in the day.

We love old fashioned roses and peonies. Aren't they pretty?

And here is a clematis and lupine in a garden that is turning into a "blue garden" (we also have false indigo, lilac, and muscari here, but these flowers are finished for the season):

Speaking of blue, I just finished up two new plaid towels in cobalt blue & wedgewood blue. I sort of stepped out of my typical color palette while weaving these fabrics, but I guess that is an okay thing to do every so often!

Well, that is all for now. Next up on the loom is a custom table runner. And on the dinner table tonight, arugula/walnut pesto with spinach fettucine. Yum.

Be well,
Kate K.

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