Thursday, June 20, 2013

Permission to play

Hello, friends. What a lovely June we are having here in NH. I hope that you have sunny skies wherever you are today.

So. As a weaver it took me many years to become comfortable with the idea of weaving cloth that did not have an intended purpose. I felt as if I weren't weaving, for example, fabric for a table napkin or a bookmark or a scarf, that it was somehow wasteful to spend the time and materials needed to weave cloth for its own sake. Well, I've gotten over this opinion and will now allow for some extra warp on a given project for sampling/experimentation purposes. Weaving a few additional inches (or feet!) of cloth allows me to play with color and pattern and to try something new without a huge commitment. (Warping the loom is, for me, a commitment!)

I recently switched up colors in a plaid fabric. I weave plaids all of the time and find great comfort in their regular, predictable patterns. This is the fabric I was working on:

and then I decided to swap the orange for white and white for orange in the weft pattern and this is what happened:

It is kind of like an inside-out plaid. I'm not sure I really LIKE the results, but there is still value in seeing the change in the fabric.

So, weavers, what do you do with that last bit of warp? Do you give yourself permission to play around a bit after working diligently on a project? I would love to know!

Cheers & be well,

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