Sunday, June 30, 2013

New kiss clasp change purses

Hello, friends. I finished weaving the fabric for purses (the herringbone twill & one of its derivative patterns). The fabric turned out nicely. I used 5/2 mercerized cotton for the warp sett at 20 ends per inch and crossed with a variety of weft yarns (other mercerized cottons in different colors). Here are a couple of examples:

A few months ago I purchased some larger clasp frames and finally got around to drafting a purse pattern for these. The lining will include a small pocket. Hopefully I will be able to put one of the larger purses together this week. It is hard to decide which fabric to use first. I'm leaning toward the red herringbone twill, but the black twill looks pretty nice, too.

Oh, and I finished sewing my black & white polka dot spandex running skirt! It worked out very nicely. I used a Jalie sewing pattern. If I am feeling very brave, maybe I will post a photo of the skirt in action. :)

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