Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Purses & Peonies

Hello, friends. I've had a bunch of metal clutch purse frames hanging around my studio for several months now and have finally gotten around to doing something with one of them. Have you ever made purse using a metal frame before? You can buy the frames with punched holes, for sewing the handbag to the frame, or you can get frames that allow for the handbag to be glued to the frame. Gluing the frame to the purse seems to be a popular way to go - it is a lot faster to use glue than it is to use needle & thread - but I don't like to use glue near my handwoven fabrics. Too much work goes into weaving the fabric to have it turn into a sticky mess.

So, if you decide to use a purse frame like I used, you have to first draft the pattern to accomodate the size of your frame. This involves some math - even a protractor - but it is not too hard to do. There are some really good tutorials on the web to help you accomplish this.

Here is my first clutch purse that is NOT coin purse sized:

There is a small pocket on the inside and the purse is lined with broadcloth and stabilized with a heavy-weight interfacing. I use a heavy-duty nylon coated thread, doubled, to stitch the frame to the handbag.

I have a few more frames on hand and a bit more fabric that I wove for this purpose, so I hope to work up a few more clutch purses as time and materials permit.

This Saturday, July 13th, I will be exhibiting at the Concord Arts Market with my friend, Amy Brnger, who is a very skilled watercolorist. Here is one of Amy's delightful floral paintings:

We will be sharing a booth -  how fun will that be? The weather looks to be promising, so if you're in the area, do stop by and say hello. 

Be well,


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

The purse is just lovely! Best wishes on a successful selling venture this weekend.

Nutfield Weaver said...

Thank you, Martha! I enjoy these events - especially when the weather cooperates! Happy weaving! :)

Nutfield Weaver said...
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Emily McCumber said...

I love the style that your work has. I saw these types of coin purses on your etsy page and was inspired to try something similar. Where do you normally source your clasps?

Nutfield Weaver said...

Hi,Emily! I have found clasps in craft stores and also via Etsy. There are many supplies shops on Etsy that sell "kiss clasp frames" or "metal purse frames" -- a search with either of these phrases will generate many results for you and you will most likely find the size frame and style that suits you.