Monday, September 30, 2013

Chenille scarves

Hello, friends. Well, it's official. I have been completely and thoroughly bitten by the handwoven scarf bug!

I finished my first two rayon chenille scarves and am pleased with the results. I haven't woven with chenille since my very first weaving class many years ago. We used cotton chenille back then; I opted for rayon chenille because of the fabulous, rich colors that can be found.

Sapphire, emerald, and purple rayon chenille scarf

I began a second chenille scarf this weekend, and am enchanted with the colors:

Magenta, teal, and purple scarf on the loom

I have done some experimenting with finishing techniques (i.e. to hemstitch or not to hemstitch) and am learning about the peculiarities of weaving with chenille. So far, though, thumbs up overall. I hope to have a few of these scarves ready for an upcoming artisan show in Derry, NH in mid-October.

Next up is a custom table runner in a very pretty dark sage. The color of the yarn is "cactus," but I think it is really more of a sage:

That is all for now! Happy trails, friends.

Be well,

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