Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas ornaments & good news

Hello, friends.

Good news! I celebrated my first sale on Nutfield Weaver last night. A red plaid table runner will be headed out to Washington State tomorrow. So, after a month of being "live," it was very rewarding to know that the site has a shopping cart that works! I plan to write a bit more about migrating from Etsy toward the end of this week -- something about how I've been promoting the new site.

On Saturday, November 16th, I will be exhibiting in Salem, New Hampshire (just north of Methuen, Massachusetts) at the Annual Village Craft Fair, held at First Congregational Church. This event has been held for many, many years, and I am looking forward to participating.

I'm bringing along table runners, notecards, scarves, towels, and, for the first time, a few holiday ornaments. Here is an example of one that I put together yesterday:

This is MacQuarrie tartan, woven from mercerized cotton in red and green. I think it has a Christmas-y look about it. Earlier today I finished weaving an 8 shaft "fancy" twill and will turn these into ornaments, too.

Snowflakes! (Can you see them?)

I put together a little festive hang tag for the ornaments which, along with the requisite price information, contains an explanation of each fabric's pattern. If you'd like to see what I did, drop me a note in the comment section and I'd be happy to share. I think that they'd make nice gift tags for just about any handwoven item -- and gift-giving is upon us!

Be well,
Kate K. 


Cindie said...

Congrats on your first sale using the new site! I imagine it will take a while for folks to find you there but they will.

The ornament is really cute. Did you do anything special on the back of it? Something like that would make a cute gift for a guild holiday gift exchange.

Cindie said...

And now that I've said it would make a cute gift for a guild holiday gift exchange I realize I have no suitable handwoven fabric that is 'holiday' like.....maybe next year.....

Cindie said...
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Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, I am so happy to hear that your new site has had it's first sale. Hurray!

Love your new ornament and the snowflake twill pattern you are planning on using for more ornaments. I agree with Cindie the ornaments would make a great gift for a guild gift exchange. Wondering if you glued the fabric into the hoop?

Nutfield Weaver said...

Thanks for your nice feedback, Cindie and Martha! I did not glue the fabric into the hoop - the fabric is wedged in the hoop pretty tightly. I did a a small bead of FrayCheck around the back of the hoop where there is a gap between the tightening mechanism. Hopefully some of the holiday shoppers will enjoy them this coming Saturday!

Cindie said...

Thanks Kate! I'm going to do a bit more searching in the studio for some leftover handwoven scraps that would work for ornaments to use for the guild gift exchange....if not I'll keep it in mind for next year.

TinyWoodland Fibres said...

I wove snowflakes the other week but when I fulled it, the pattern was lost completely! What yarn are you weaving it with?
They look beautiful btw!

Nutfield Weaver said...

Hi, Tiny Woodland Fibres. I used 8/2 unmercerized cotton in the warp and the weft for the snowflakes. It was rather unplanned - I had a bit of leftover warp on the loom from another project and didn't want to waste it! Were you weaving the pattern with wool? Thanks for stopping in!