Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Holiday table runners

Hello, friends.

I have a few shows coming up in November and December (click right here for the calendar) and have been working on getting a few table runners ready. The huck lace runners are always popular, and so are the farmhouse plaid table runners. I just finished a few of these red runners:

and these forest green / hunter green table runners are in process on the loom:

I plan to have these ready for finishing by the end of this week. And then I'll be working on some custom fingertip towels for a returning client. Yay!

And now for a little bit of non-weaving related chatter... I have become somewhat obsessed with houseplants lately. I have never had much luck with houseplants despite the fact that I have a fair amount of (successful) outdoor gardening experience. If any of my readers would care to offer their favorite houseplant varieties or tips on care, I would love to hear them. So far I have had the most luck with pathos, rex begonia, and my lime tree and rosemary plants (brought in for the winter) are still alive. We also have a few succulents and cacti that have been around since our family trip out West. I purchased a $1.97 spider plant from Home Depot yesterday. It was horribly root-bound but hopefully will enjoy its roomier surroundings. I potted up an amaryllis late last week, too. Yesterday I read about humidity trays, but am a little hesitant to try anything too adventurous just yet (I had to discard an ivy plant and that set my confidence back a bit). 

Have a lovely day, all.
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