Friday, November 15, 2013

Migrating from Etsy, Part 2

Hello, friends. Here is the next bit of chatter about my experience in moving away from the Etsy selling platform, which I have used since 2008. My new site, Nutfield Weaver, is hosted by IndieMade and is about 6 weeks old now.

I have been watching Google Analytics reports carefully and am pleased that there has been steady traffic and that visitors have come from a variety of places, including Japan, Denmark, Brazil, etc... There is about a 50/50 split between new and returning visitors. Many of the visitors are stopping in on their mobile devices, which seems interesting.

In this post I'll write about how I've been spreading the word about my shop. There are basically two ways that I've worked on this and they can be broken down into two methods: hard copy & online.

Let's tackle the "hard copy" version first.....

I updated every single piece of paper/business card/sticker that left my shop as soon as my site was up and running. This included:

  1. Business cards (I actually created new ones using the same tree and font used on my site).
  2. My "Caring for Handwoven Items" card. Since I enclose a tag with laundering/care instructions with all of my pieces, I made sure that my new website URL was clearly indicated on these.
  3. Stickers for the boxes in which I package fiber jewelry.
  4. Square 1.5" labels for ornaments, greeting cards, bookmarks.
  5. Thank you notes to clients.
  6. Shopping bag labels for artisan fairs.
  7. "Upcoming events" business-cards that I distribute to people who visit my booth and inquire about future events/locations. I also include one of these with every purchase.
  8. I'm sure there is something else that I just can't remember! 
In short, I went through a lot of printer ink! But I did not pitch my old business cards; they make really handy cards for labeling warp chains. (I am the only one who forgets how long a warp is, what is intended to be, and how many threads are in it? Maybe. I sometimes wind warps as a way to relax...)

Onto the online part of the puzzle. Here's what I did:

  1. Updated all social media accounts with my new URL including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  2. Made sure that my e-newsletter reflected the new links. (Did you know that I issue an electronic newsletter? No? Click on the red envelope social media button on the right hand side of the page to sign up for your copy!)
  3. Changed my shop information on my blog.
  4. Used Facebook to highlight new additions to my shop page. For example, when I had a new photo gallery ready, I would send out a status update about it. I really tried not to overdo this. I should hate to become tiresome.
  5. The IndieMade templates allow for extensive social media sharing buttons for each item and for pages, so I made sure to include those. Here's an example:

This photo came through a little small, but you can see the "Share" and the avenues that allow this to happen (i.e. Blogger, email, FB, Pinterest, Twitter, and the "Share This" button, which allows you to post on loads of social media sites. Speaking of the "Share This" button, I set this account up so that it could be available as an option. It is sort of neat. Click here to find out more =====> "Share This."

There is still more to do, obviously. I have not yet created a new QR code for my shop but hope to get this finished before the December 8th show at LaBelle Winery

I did celebrate several sales since my first one earlier this week, so I am confident that the site will continue to build momentum. 

Time to make dinner! Chicken corn chowder and crusty bread tonight. 
Be well,
Kate K. 


Cindie said...

Thank you so much for continuing to post on your new venture. A question related to all selling - how do you find the time for all the social media? I've stayed away from some of it because I struggle just keeping up with my shops and blog. I worry about them becoming more of a time sucker for me like Pinterest where I can just get lost and spend way too much time.

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, thank you for the update. My head is swimming with all the information. I agree with Cindie all the social media is time consuming and I must confess I don't know that much about it. Hmmm sounds like I might be at a cross roads....time to ponder that.

Nutfield Weaver said...

Hi, Cindie & Martha! I find that I can exercise a little more discipline in terms of time spent browsing social media sites when I use my phone instead of my laptop. Maybe it is because I don't like to type with my thumbs and tire of it more quickly. I am far from an expert on social media, but I have found it to be helpful. I haven't spent money on Facebook ads so can't speak to whether this is useful or not. It IS easy to get lost on Pinterest! I like Instagram for posting pictures of works in progress on the loom - and there is a nice community of weavers out there who share this sort of thing. (It is nice to give & to receive encouraging words to/from other weavers!)Cheers, Kate :)

Kelly Feltault said...

I started my IndieMade shop in October. Love the platform and handmade requirements for sellers. Thanks for sharing you marketing efforts. Kelly of Cultural Crossings Handmade

Nutfield Weaver said...

Kelly, your quilts are lovely. Your site is so nicely done! I like your "welcome" page, too -- it is like the front door to your shop! Best of luck to you! --Kate K.