Sunday, December 1, 2013

Migrating from Etsy, Part 3

Hello, friends. Happy December! I hope that my friends here in the States had a lovely Thanksgiving and that you had safe travels; weather here in the Northeast was less than ideal around the holiday.

My new website, NutfieldWeaver, powered by IndieMade, is just about two months old now. New visitors find the site every day. Here are a few statistics via Google Analytics that might be of interest:

Between October 1st and November 30th:

281 unique visitors
3,466 page views
6.21 pages per visit
4:21 minutes was the length of the average site visit
18 countries are noted in the /location dashboard (US, Canada, UK, Brazil, and Denmark are the top 5).

Here's another interesting thing: if people visited the site as a result of a social media site, 73% of the visitors came via my blog and the rest came via my Facebook page. Thank you very much, blog readers and FB page fans! This might help me to discern how to best use social media to help to continue to spread the word about my new site, and I've been mulling over what the numbers mean.

The "Galleries" feature on the site has helped to keep people browsing. The top two galleries (I have 6 right now) that people visited were "Inspiration" and "Photographs from Clients." I really like the "Galleries" feature that is part of the IndieMade platform. It is interesting that people who visit the site seem to have an interest in a) what turns my creativity crank and b) how people really use or wear handwovens.

I have had several sales and also have received commissions via the "Contact" form on my site; this is encouraging.

All-in-all, I am still quite pleased with the decision to switch from Etsy as my primary selling platform to a stand-alone site. I am not making money hand over fist but this cannot be my main objective at this early stage.

Did you receive the Etsy seller feedback survey yesterday? I did. I filled it out and sent it in. There was a question about why, if you did not plan to continue selling on the site in the future, you made the decision. (I can't recall the exact wording of the question.) Originally I had a big, wordy paragraph typed up in which I voiced my numerous concerns about the direction that Etsy is taking in terms of allowing outsourcing of production of "handmade" items. But I deleted it and typed in something more concise: "I do not believe that Etsy is the right selling platform for me, as an independent artisan, since I have no interest in or the financial means to outsource production of my designs."

So, I will keep plugging away at the new site and, more importantly, will continue to weave, weave, weave. (I'm really excited about some new projects that I'd like to take a stab at in 2014). Next week, on December 8th, I will finish up my exhibit schedule for 2013. I'll be a LaBelle Winery, Amherst, NH from 11-4pm along with other New Hampshire artisans. The "Events" portion of my website has more information. How fun will that be?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below! I learn so much from all of you and enjoy our friendly exchanges.

Be well,


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, I was interested to hear your reaction to the etsy seller form. Thought your reply was concise and to the point, hopefully they will take heed of our concerns (I am not betting on it).

Enjoy your time at the Winery, hope sales are fantastic for you.

Nutfield Weaver said...

Thank you, Martha, for your comment! I think the thing that is most encouraging about the new site is that all of my customers are repeat customers from prior Etsy purchases (some as many as several years ago - and I did NOT redirect them to the site from an Etsy inquiry.) I am starting to believe that if you do good work, people will find you. Your name carries as much weight, if not more, than being associated with Etsy.