Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flutter & sprout

Hello, friends. Spring has arrived here in our little corner of New England, and I've finally been able to begin working outside. Look who greeted me the other morning:

Very nice to see flowers and leaves popping up outside, no? But, like many gardeners, my season begins well before the snow melts. Here's a snapshot of my indoor garden:

Here I have some of our peppers, tomatoes, parsley, and broccoli. I got carried away with the flowers this year. (Who can honestly resist pansies, French marigolds, petunias, or lavender?)

With a number of rugosa roses throughout our gardens, my Felco pruners receive a lot of use. Pruning is something that I am always hesitant to do, even though I know that it is supposed to be a great and wonderful thing for the plant's overall health and shape. Here's Dortman rose after her Spring haircut (I told her it will grow back, richer and fuller than ever):

The loom has been busy, too, despite my forays into the yard. I've been working on a few new items for my first 2014 show (May 17th, see my calendar for more information). Here's something that just happened to flutter by for Spring:

These notecards are so much fun to make and I love being able to use up bits and pieces of handwoven fabric. The butterfly motif is new for me this year; I think it will be a nice addition.

Before I sign off, I will leave you with one hard lesson learned while I was working outside earlier this week:

Do NOT try to prune a rose on a very windy day -- they will snap back at you! Ouch!

If you have any pearls of weaving or gardening wisdom to offer, please do include them in the comments section below!

Be well,