Thursday, June 12, 2014

Should I give it a name?

Hello, friends. I took a road trip to Vermont earlier this week, and I brought home a new addition to the workshop on Monday. We have spent the last couple of days getting used to each other. I'm the proud owner of a new, well, really, "previously loved" Harrisville Designs loom:

I purchased the loom primarily for demonstration purposes at shows and our local "Londonderry Old Home Days" event in August, where I have done weaving and spinning demos for the last four years. After participating in several exhibits/shows over the last three years, I decided that having a loom as part of my display "package" could be potentially useful. By having a small loom "in action" in my booth, I can answer questions such as "how do you do that?" and "where did you buy your fabric?" (answer: I don't buy it, I make it) and "did you knit that?" I always bring photos of my loom with me to shows, but my small album just wasn't sufficient. I also think that having a working loom on site could help to draw people into the booth. (What do you think? Would having the loom clanging away be off-putting?)

The loom needed a few small adjustments (the third shaft was a bit off-kilter) and I still need to put on a couple of new washers, but I'm finding it to be very functional and useful. I did some sampling with a short warp (an experiment in trying to use a warping paddle) to determine loom waste and to just get used to working on the thing:

Overall, I'm really pleased with my purchase. I love the tool tray on the top, and I also like the simplicity of the direct tie loom. While the LeClerc Nilus II is still my primary loom, I think that the small Harrisville will earn her keep. And justify her footprint in the family room.

Have a happy day and thanks for reading!
Be well,
Kate K.


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, I think adding a working small floor loom to your booth will bring a lot of customers in to see what you are doing. Great idea that will bring in sales. Cute little loom, I think you should call it Bug, after "it is a cute as a bug".

hugs, M

Nutfield Weaver said...

I love the name! I think I will call it "Bug." I've always wanted a VW Bug, but since this seems highly unlikely, this will suffice just fine. Thank you, Martha! Happy weaving.

susancoyotesfan said...

I think having a loom there with a simple tabby or twill project on it will allow people to not only get a visual, but perhaps you can allow them to sit and weave a few picks. It certainly draws in the children at our guild shows! We've gotten more than a few new weavers from our demonstrations. Plus, people see how long it takes to make something just by seeing each shot thrown. They get an immediate understanding of the time investment and thus the price point of hand made goods.