Thursday, July 24, 2014

For your sewing room

Hello, friends. I'm preparing for a small local show to be held in August (Old Home Days, Londonderry, NH) and in addition to taking "Bug" with me for demonstration purposes, I will bring along a few items that will be for sale. I've found that it is helpful to have items for sale at a variety of price points at craft shows, everything from handwoven lace notecards to dishtowels to handwoven scarves. I wanted a small, interesting yet utilitarian item to take with me for shows in August and September and came up with this new pincushion:

The weaving is a traditional overshot design, "Star of Bethlehem," and the bottom is made from 100% wool felt. I included a vintage button and worked an embroidery stitch around the edge. (Is the red too bright? I thought it seemed cheerful, but then again my tastes tend toward the whimsical).

I might try a square version, too, but will wait to see what sort of feedback I generate from this post and from my Facebook and Instagram pages. It is always good to test the waters before investing a lot of time and energy into a new project!

The shadow weave scarf is coming along; I am about half-way finished with it. I find that taking the weaving in small doses is a good strategy for me -- I need a break after about 12" of weaving the pattern!

Have a happy Thursday friends, and enjoy your day. Thanks for reading!
Be well,
Kate K.


Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Kate, the pincushion is darling and I adore the red embroidery around the middle. Cute!

Dianne said...

Love the pin cushion and the red gives it zing.

Kate Kilgus said...

Thank you, Thistle Rose and Dianne! I appreciate your kind words. I had so much fun making the blue one that I made another one in purple (also with the zingy red floss). Be well, kate k. :)