Monday, December 29, 2014

First gallery exhibit

Hello, friends. I hope that you have had a pleasant week. We were busy here with bell-ringing, singing, and cello playing around the Christmas holiday. It is a lovely time of year, but it is also nice when things settle down and become a little quieter.

I've been working on a special piece that will be on display at the League of NH Craftsmen gallery in Concord for a special exhibit, "Blue : The Sky's The Limit." The multi-media exhibition will take place in Concord, NH from January 9 - March 20, 2015. I'm weaving a woman's tartan shawl. The tartan is not historically accurate in terms of color selection (don't give me away!). I adapted the Clan Keith tartan to suit the direction of the exhibit guidelines. Here is a look at the shawl on the loom:

Clan Keith variation fabric

"Keith" is supposed to have green, black, and blue yarns, as found in this scarf that I wove earlier in the year:

Clan Keith tartan using traditional colors

but my wrap has ivory, "whipple blue" and navy alpaca/silk yarns. I really like the way it is coming together. I aim to weave about six feet of fabric and will twist the fringe on either end.

And now on to a new discussion...

I've been working hard to incorporate yoga practice into my weekly routine. I've been working on various poses that are particularly good for the back, core, arms and shoulders. I am hoping that continuing with the exercises will help counter some of the hunching that inevitably happens while working at the loom. No classes for me (there isn't really a good source for these locally), but there are lots of podcasts and DVDs out there that are helpful. I studied with various teachers many years ago and learned the basics. Do you, weaving friends, do any sort of activities/exercises to help allay the physical demands of weaving? Do share!

Have a safe and happy New Year.
Be well,

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Dianne said...

Exercise, no but I should.
Having said that a good walk along the beach with arms pulling back to relieve the back muscles. Also standing press ups whenever there's a moment e.g.while waiting for the jug to boil.
Your tartans look wonderful, I just want to squish them.