Thursday, June 12, 2014

Should I give it a name?

Hello, friends. I took a road trip to Vermont earlier this week, and I brought home a new addition to the workshop on Monday. We have spent the last couple of days getting used to each other. I'm the proud owner of a new, well, really, "previously loved" Harrisville Designs loom:

I purchased the loom primarily for demonstration purposes at shows and our local "Londonderry Old Home Days" event in August, where I have done weaving and spinning demos for the last four years. After participating in several exhibits/shows over the last three years, I decided that having a loom as part of my display "package" could be potentially useful. By having a small loom "in action" in my booth, I can answer questions such as "how do you do that?" and "where did you buy your fabric?" (answer: I don't buy it, I make it) and "did you knit that?" I always bring photos of my loom with me to shows, but my small album just wasn't sufficient. I also think that having a working loom on site could help to draw people into the booth. (What do you think? Would having the loom clanging away be off-putting?)

The loom needed a few small adjustments (the third shaft was a bit off-kilter) and I still need to put on a couple of new washers, but I'm finding it to be very functional and useful. I did some sampling with a short warp (an experiment in trying to use a warping paddle) to determine loom waste and to just get used to working on the thing:

Overall, I'm really pleased with my purchase. I love the tool tray on the top, and I also like the simplicity of the direct tie loom. While the LeClerc Nilus II is still my primary loom, I think that the small Harrisville will earn her keep. And justify her footprint in the family room.

Have a happy day and thanks for reading!
Be well,
Kate K.