Thursday, October 23, 2014

League of NH Craftsmen

Hello, friends. I am just about to pop at the seams with excitement. Yesterday I had my handwoven work adjudicated by weavers from the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. I provided seven woven samples of my latest work (also, I wore one of my favorite pieces). Here are a few of the pieces that I took with me to Concord:

The jurors were very supportive and offered suggestions for continued development of my work, which is terribly exciting to think about. I need to learn about complying with truth in labeling laws for apparel before I can have my pieces available for sale at the League's retail shops. I'm making good headway here and will hopefully have everything ready within a few weeks.

The loom is currently being dressed for new waffleweave dishtowels. I have a warp on right now in a very jaunty grape purple cotton and plan to weave some colonial blue and sage towels as well. These have been customer favorites over the years, and I'm looking forward to having these available again.

Be well,